Fiper: News from all your favorite media in one free app

Control what you read with the most user-friendly RSS news app!

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Be Free

Don't let the algorithms of Facebook and Google drive your news! With Fiper you can quickly scroll through a chronological timeline for news and blogs, without nasty algorithms!


Fiper has the most photo-centric design out there in RSS apps. All media are displayed with photos. With a design that you can completely customize!

Rediscover news

Are there sites that you used to read, but because of social media you never anymore? Shame, because they are still good! With Fiper you can easily follow dozens of media, from small local news sites to large national newspapers

Only what you want

Group media the way you want. Is cycling your hobby? Put all your favorite cycling sites together, and you'll never miss a thing

All devices

Fiper works great as an app on smartphones, tablets, but also super fast on your PC. The media will be synced automatically


Any site that supports RSS will work in Fiper. Because Fiper optimizes the feeds in a new, special way, all sites look extra beautiful


You can customize everything in Fiper: media you see, categories, appearance


Fiper is fast: you have a super fast overview of all the media you like

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What's different from Google News, Apple News, Flipboard, etc?

Fiper is not a stripped-down one-size-fits-all app. The number of media in these types of apps is very limited as they have to be "approved" by a US company. Fiper accepts all media. You can follow a beauty blog or a site about ice skating just as easily as a national news site. In addition, Fiper has a chronological timeline, not a stripped-down AI-optimized selection. Fiper is also flexible: the media, appearance and categories are easy to adjust

What's different from Feedly, Inoreader and other RSS apps?

Most RSS readers, as nice as they are, are clumsy and not very well organized. Fiper is visual. Also, Fiper is convenient, easy to customize. Even with tens to hundreds of media, Fiper is still manageable

What does Fiper cost?

Nothing. We will eventually put advertisements in the timeline, which you can then buy off with a (not expensive) subscription. Because our chimney has to smoke too ;)

What media are included in Fiper?

All media that support RSS! We've already put a lot in it for you. You can usually add a medium unknown to Fiper yourself via RSS

What do the articles cost?

Most of the articles you read this way are free. Some sites do have a so-called payment/login wall. Then you have to log in or pay with the relevant medium